Montag, 30. August 2010

INFOkrieg - RFID Chip - Facebook & Coca Cola

Aufgemerk(el)t und aufgepasst

Wehret den Anfängen (bei den Hunden gibbet das schon)

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RFID Chip - Facebook & Coca Cola

These are the first steps to warm the public to RFID Chips.

Publicis E-dologic figured out a way to embed user data in IDF bracelets, and thus allow people to "Like" real world objects, places and events spreading the word about it on their facebook accounts.

They implemented these facebook-bracelets at the Coca Cola Village, a watersport, sunbathing, gameplaying amusement park activity-thing for teenagers. When the guests arrive, they are given a ‏ bracelet ID which transmits an RFID signal, which they program with their facebook login. They can then "like" activities and places in the real village, and their actions show up on facebook. Teenagers are driven by vanity like everyone else, so there was a photographer present as well, if you wanted to tag yourself in any given image all you had to do was wave your ID bracelet to the photographer.

This will ultimately lead to the public getting permanent chips.Read more at

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